The Intelligent Workforce- Office Design Seminar

The Intelligent Workforce- Office Design Seminar

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The Woodalls Intelligent Workforce office design seminar.

How today’s talent chooses to work, and what tomorrow’s might expect.


It’s hard enough finding talented people to interview, let alone getting them to join. Great talent is the new business battlefield. Finding and keeping them is hard. And getting them to reach their potential is even harder still.

We are an ever-increasingly service based economy. So why are we still trying to get the best out of people in a manufacturing type environment? The needs of a gig economy are very different.

How can you use workplace design to foster creativity, problem-solving and critical thinking in your teams and propel them to do their best work? The clues are all around us. Join Woodalls for another exciting talk about the future of the office and learn how we are using design to take our clients businesses to the next level.

The future is bright for those who shape it. Shape it with us.

Join us on the 30th March 2017 @ 12pm — 2pm 


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